Friday, April 30, 2010

Exploit Personal Tragedy, Good For Business

Photographers try to connect with their website visitors in some intimate ways to garner their attention and stand out in the client's memory. Some use simple descriptions of who they are and what they like. Some share how many kids they have, how many dogs, or what their favorite foods are even.

Then there are some that think it's okay to let people know that they were a victim of a sex crime. Quite a ways from the nice happy relevant things brides are looking when looking for their photographer. How many wedding photographer's feel this is appropriate is something PZN can't decide. However, Photogzilla had his own thoughts to share.

"I can't tell you how bad I feel for anyone that's a victim of anything as traumatic. If something like this happened to you, I feel awful for you. But, what else comes to mind right away is that you're sharing this tragedy only to gain sympathy from anyone who reads it. And lord baby jezuz forgive me, but dare I say, I almost get this feeling you're doing this to win over clients by making them feel sorry for you. Why would you exploit such a thing? If you were naive, I could understand that, but if you're a successful wedding photographer, working along with your husband, you both know what information is being posted on your site. This information, in my sincerest opinion, just does not belong. It's inappropriate and just feels almost unethical in some weird-strange dimented kinda way. As photographers, what you share about you as a person is great for the people business we are in and almost a necessity. Go ahead and tell things about you that reflect your style, education, experience, awards, and anything pertaining to your PHOTOGRAPHY. However, you are not Oprah and trying to get better ratings.......Or, are you?"

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