Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photogzilla #7 Most Popular in World, Escalate Live Sells 8 Tickets

Who knew Photogzilla was so popular? He's so famous, it hurts. Now that he's ranked so high, you have to acknowledge his awesome sex appeal and rockstar popularity. The numbers don't lie. Of course not. (flame on!)
Don't believe everything someone tells you. PZN doesn't buy the above numbers either because its not based on the whole truth because you're only shown a part of the story. If you're not privy to internet statistics and such, it's no different then being a newbie to the photography industry. The whole truth is that the above numbers are actually reflective of the main site. Not necessarily Photogzilla's blog per say, which is a sub-domain. The numbers are skewed, just like self-proclaimed leaders who try to skew reality and their own image to gain your trust, only to profit themselves. If you believe anyone who blogs how amazing your life will be by buying their workshop on a DVD, how your life will be 'transformed' after you give them your mortgage payment for attending their workshop, uses Twitter to do nothing but spam-promote and not truly interact, constantly tells you are worthy of being fabulous, or any other cheap marketing techniques,.....THEN, feel free to believe the above numbers as true: Photogzilla is the #7 most visited site in the world.

Now some people want to believe that Escalate Live was supposed to offer free online streaming from the beginning. Well, PZN always likes to let you know; the spin stops here. We have yet to see any proof of this, except evidence to the contrary.

April 21st Tweet by Chris Becker:

We have a lot of hearsay from witnesses saying they heard Dane Sanders or someone else or someone's mom saying that the stream would be for free. If that is the case, how does it make any sense to sell $250 tickets? That's like releasing a movie into the theaters, but then telling everyone they can see the movie for free from the comfort of their homes. Certainly doesn't make business sense, but more importantly, it doesn't make common sense for the average person who may have booked travel thinking it's only an in-person event. Ask the person who's booked their airline ticket to attend this seminar and they will have some choice words to share with you at this point.

The most humorous part is that most of the documented 'free' online streaming announcements began after PZN revealed the unethical tactics by the Escalate Live organizers. This was just part of the PR spin. Here's Photogzilla:

"If you wanted to allow a free show online from the beginning, why not put the option to sign up from the very beginning as soon as you started selling tickets. Why HIDE it?? It doesn't do much good if its in your head as the organizer, told to 3-4 people in person...Put it where ACTUAL attendees can see COMPLETE information. That tells me these greedy folks wanted to milk whatever they could from naive ticket buyers. It's only recently they officially posted an option for the online streaming AND it was only a week ago did they FINALLY put a program description on the site.

April 23rd Tweet by Dane Sanders of program details, finally weeks after tickets went on sale:

It gets even more retarded; the program description is STILL incomplete even NOW. The blind continue leading the blind. And the blind keep falling for these unethical tactics. Just look here....As of TODAY, May 5, 2010, David Jay STILL has no clue what he's going to be talking about...'Topic Coming Soon??' You call this an organized event?"
With so many people trying to get rid of their tickets now, the number of tickets sold from last time PZN reported the total of 220 tickets sold to over 15 days later now is..........228 222 tickets sold. This tells us only 8 additional people have bought a ticket to attend in person. PZN believes these people probably missed the free streaming option or they really believe that they will be cooler people by meeting these speakers in person. Of course, the return in investment will still be nil and will be realized after attendees walk out. They will be inspired to take on the world, but a week later they will simply be ordering plugged products like a Showit site, a Shootsac bag, buying Dane's book. Ironically enough, their photography skills will still, for lack of a better word, suck.

Does anyone else realize these speakers don't even make majority of their income photography?

The fact is, there is no truth in advertising with Escalate Live and its organizers, along with similar seminar workshops promoting themselves through spams on forums, Twitter, and other social networks. They have demonstrated irresponsibility in not only marketing the event unethically & incompletely, hiding important purchase options from attendees visiting the Escalate site, but also how desperate their attempts are to create a perceived value of something that simply will mostly benefit the ones collecting money from ticket sales & DVD sales.

People will have to choose if they want to be a sheep and follow this train wreck.

Keep stalking Photogzilla!

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