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PZN Intern Double Agent David Jay the Hypocrite, Escalate Live Still Lame

PZN is growing! (kinda) We want to unoffically extend an offer to David Jay to become the newest member of our staff (we're offering minimum wage). After years of being a sappy man on the verge of tears and secretly being a person who reportedly detests gay people (strangely), he has decided to take a turn in his approach to life. For this reason, he is now being considered by our staff to be an official PZN DOUBLE AGENT INTERN.

For a couple years, David tried his hand at wedding photography, but after reading a few Tony Robbins' books and regurgitating it for a couple of people, he realized he could fool more by simply quoting other authors verbatim to sound more intelligent & knowledgeable. A light bulb went off in his head and he put away his 20D away forever to pursue a career in being a full time cross-promoter and speaker. However, there were only so many sheepish followers & bored housewives he could fool. After a couple of adolescent years of doing this, he is now bored. Very bored.

Lately, for every waking hour, DJ has been secretly watching our commander in chief Photogzilla in action with envious eyes. DJ could not resist staying away. At first, he fought his desire to participate in the act of healing the industry, because he knows he himself is a part of the problem. He continued quoting authors, as usual, with inspirational messages. He was preaching for others to ignore critics, they don't matter, ignore legitimate questions, turn the other butt cheek, hide your head in the sand like your other friends, let us pray people throw their money at us for doing much of nothing, and reportedly don't-associate-with-anyone-who's-sexual-orientation-your-friends-don't-agree-with-because-gay-people-are-not-human-and-are-going-to-burn-in-hell-but-you-give-the-impression-you-kinda-are-curious-yourself-ehem, and more. We're sure you get the idea.

PZN knew David Jay was contradicting himself up to now and probably has been most of his life, but the latest came just a few days ago. First some much needed background.

As everyone knows and is probably sick of, are the endless quotes he Twitters to inspire others. These fall quite short of being remotely of any original thought, but whatever. Here are some Tweet examples from David Jay himself. (Hint: Let's play a game and find the patterns):

Did you see any patterns? If not, look closely. Note the times and the spacing between post times. Yes, there is exactly two hour spacing in between these tweets and occur in the middle of the night.

Notice where most of the tweets originate from though: "via SocialOomph." If you don't know what SocialOomph is, worry not citizens; PZN won't leave you in the dark. SocialOomph is a free online service that allows you to admin your Twitter account to control who can follow you, set it up to automatically follow anyone that follows you, and even schedule tweets...Hang on, hang on. What was the last one you ask? If the light bulb has gone off, it's for good reason.

Is it a horrendous crime to use SocialOomph? Not at all. Even our sexy Photogzilla uses it to send lame automatic DMs thanking folks for following him. Is it questionable to program hundreds of quotes like a robot and time their delivery to make it appear you're inspiring or truly interacting. Kinda yes and no, sir. We at PZN simply can't find any evidence to ANY original thought David Pees-Still-in-His-Jays has to share. But we digress (it's a habit, get used to it). It's the next set of particular premeditated SocialOomph Twitter updates that caught our attention that made PZN sit back and think, "DJ would make a great PZN intern to fetch our coffee and walk our dogs & bitches:"

After his normally programmed Tweets at 2:35 AM, 4:35 AM, and 6:35 AM, again spaced apart by 2 hours to not look like spam (which we think it qualifies for). This time he's made sure to preprogram a fun tweet to be announced at 7:52 AM. He calls out a photographer and accuses Asim Soofi as being our sexy chief Photogzilla. Mr. Jay of course is also too afraid to use Mr. Soofi's twitter name @asimsoofi, but he proceeds to mock this photographer for a private workshop he offers. This premeditated tweet also shows us Mr. Jay was planning an attack, which is again very out of character for him.

PZN did some digging and could not find the workshop page on Mr. Soofi's website. However, we did manage to Google like crazy and came across the form through an independent search. So we knew DJ had to do some serious work to find Mr. Soofi's workshop page. But we weren't concerned about his so called 'outing' of Mr. Soofi, as we have received numerous accusations of who Photogzilla Rockstar is and no one has been able to reveal his true identity yet. This list includes even Gary Fong.

The irony is the tweet quote at 6:35 AM from DJ right before his attempt at wrongly throwing Mr. Soofi under the bus: "Don't think you're on the right road just because it's a well-beaten path." PZN is amazed how these egomaniac kids do such a great job at learning lessons the hard way but don't follow their own advice. Great quote PJ. Please ponder it with your other friends.

All in all, this auto-tweet tells us a few things:
  • David Jay never responds to Photogzilla, but now planned strategically to play dirty.
  • After Photogzilla's criticism didn't sit well with DJ, his message to his followers was 'let's not stoop to their level' but this example demonstrates perfectly he's changed his tune.
  • DJ displays true hypocrisy and knows how to mock people, contradicting his universal message of love & understanding.
  • DJ isn't concerned about answering legitimate questions, but focused on eliminating anyone that threatens to criticize his perversion of the industry.
  • Lastly, we thought it was Photogzilla's job to call out people about workshops but there's definitely enough room.

Of course, PZN isn't done just yet. Knowing DJ had planned this pre-medidated tweet, we came across another anonymous Twitter account that was being used to throw a random photographer under the bus. We believe this to be DJ himself or someone working in partnership with DJ (one of our staff members made a joke it's DJ's partner in life, the PC way of saying it). If it's DJ, we're truly impressed of him finally getting creative and having some balls, but if it's someone else, we know the other person is someone who wants to cradle DJ's ballz really badly or vice versa (more then likely, already has).

In this dynamically lame duo's desperate attempt to distract from the real issues that Photogzilla has been advocating to address, DJ/@youtwitface tried to blackmail & coerce our super sexy rockstar Photogzilla via DM:

So DJ and his 'friend' want Photogzilla to "back off" from "attacking" his friends. If we didn't know any better, this was the best display of cowardice we have ever seen. They're saying 'let's ignore the issues plaguing our industry and the legitimate questions regarding farces like Escalate Live.' Instead, let's shut those people up that ask the hard questions. Of course, this person has never hung out with Photogzilla but may have with this Mr. Soofi they are jointly accusing of being our rockstar Zilla. Our theory is that this anonymous person must have a personal vendetta against Mr. Soofi and attempted to drag his name through the mud. Here's Photogzilla:

"Hey! If you're accused of being me, be proud you son's of women! I'm a freakin' rockstar! Have some ballz and blush like flattered tweenieboppers! It's not easy being me."

Well, Mr. Soofi seemed to have a good sense of humor about all this finger pointing & dirty tactics by DJ & company. Initially when we had seen the link, the workshop was pretty standard stuff. However, one of our staffers DM'd us to tell us about a funny change that happened the day after DJ linked to Mr. Soofi. We went back to the workshop link DJ/@youtwitface shared with the world in a failed attempt to disgrace a bystander photographer.

Mr. Soofi's response to Mr. Jay's smear attempt:

It appeared DJ's attempt to mock someone else sorta failed as Mr. Soofi had personalized the form to be more fitting. DJ/YouTwit had apparently spit into the wind. We really loved the inclusion of Photogzilla-like stars as well, but the DJ endorsement had us laughing our asses off to be honest. Well played, sir, well played.

PZN's true concern comes from the fact that with only 2 days left until Escalate Live, David Jay has been wasting his time playing games online and not focusing on his presentation. With the self-produced theatrical of fooling 200-some photographers in person starting on Monday, the program guide still has the following:

May 14, 2010, Pathetically, David Jay's presentation details are still absent:


PZN feels that DJ & company needs to stop dicking around and get serious. It's bad enough 95% of the material is lackluster and will not truly help any professional photographer. The organizers fooled themselves and others with the following statement:

April 29th, first official announcement of a free seminar streaming:
Yes, they said "small location" and "difficulty of getting all the photographers in the world" into this seminar. Don't worry; we really appreciated the egotistical and condescending remark ourselves. Again, with 600 seats available and only 200-odd seats sold, it's not such a small location when 70% of the seats are still empty. Again, sad. 

While David Jay is out there more worried about the witch hunt McCarthyism campaign he is trying to run instead of focusing on FINALLY submitting a topic to talk about (Dane Sanders should think about putting DJ on a leash, or is having playing fetch as we speak, hmm), people are really confused about being conned to pay for a ticket when they could have just wasted time watching this sad production online. This commenter left a question on April 26th related to this moronic PR strategy, and still two weeks later, no one from the Escalate party wagon even cared enough to respond. They not only avoid PZN's legitimate questions, but also ignore people on their own website.

Question left on Escalate Live website by a concerned photographer on April 26th, ignored even up to this day:
Maybe ticket goers will get a surprise at the seminar when David Jay simply talks about how wonderful Showit sites are and runs a slide show of his top 10 favorite examples. That's the only thing we can think of. If he does give some inspiring speech, please be sure to compare any presentations Tony Robbins gave in the last couple of years. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

In the end, the PZN was impressed wth David Jay's display of having the ability try to be a funny man and super rockstar hero just like Photogzilla. We believe with a little house training, David Jay could finally be a positive contributor to Photogzilla's movement for change in our industry. PZN would love to hear your opinion. Should we hire DJ as our next intern?

Keep Stalking Photogzilla!
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