Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scott Bourne Says Screw Other Photographers

Sad is the word that comes to mind. Mr. Scott Bourne continues to deny his wrongdoing and still has not clarified his position with the facts regarding why he is advertising to be an instructor in a workshop for nude photography. He is not qualified for this position yet stands to profit from a $1500 per person workshop. It is also disappointing that Ms. Bambi Cantrell continues to support this irresponsible and unethical misleading of photographers whom expect to be taught by instructors that should have a long history of dealing with the subject matter. Mr. Bourne doesn't.

Mr. Bourne is a wildlife and landscape photographer. As it was reported in previous posts, he has only been commissioned for three nude sessions for paying clients. Don't be scared: Mr. Bourne was NOT the person nude, as far as we know.

It is ironic he's now going on other blog sites and trying to leave anonymous comments, but using the same language and verbage pattern to discredit anyone who does not agree with him. Though he is in the wrong, it is humourous he is now actually the one who is depicting a true troll. It would have been easier if he simply clarified himself and removed himself from the workshop in question.

He is accusing Mr. Photogzilla Rockstar of being a "troll," along with many others, who have voiced strong opinions on the photography industry. Mr. Rockstar has been vocal from the beginning of his 'arrival' for the need to change the industry for the better and reevaluating of certain persons manipulating professionals for their own personal agenda and greed.

Several days ago, Mr. Photogzilla Rockstar had sent a message to Mr. Jim Collins, the CEO of Pictage, requesting if he would mind sharing information about who his company sponsers in the interest of full disclosure. Mr. Collins was very kind with his time and responded by sending PZN an email with all of the information and his process of choosing sponsorship.

A few days later, Mr. Collins posted the same information to share with the general public in a blog post so more photographers could be made aware of Pictage's activites in light of the recent rumblings that have been going since Mr. Rockstar began his 'honesty rampage.'

In a response to Mr. Collins post, the efforts of which we at PZN appreciate, Mr. Bourne arrived to discredit the complaints put forth against by Mr. Rockstar. He feels strongly that no complaint is worth worrying about and everyone should just go on about their business. He also accuses Mr. Rockstar of living in his mom's basement. Upon reading this, Mr. Rockstar's mother was quite upset and asked Mr. Rockstar how could have Mr. Bourne known unless he was snooping around in her yard, essentially trespassing. PZN is not too sure whether Mr. Bourne actually did snoop around Mrs. Rockstar's lawn, thereby breaking the law. PZN is investigating, but please enjoy Mr. Bourne's comment for now:

Mr. Bourne posted the above comment anonymously, however, the buffoon of a mistake he made was he used his first name. We too scratched our heads as you are probably doing that and thinking, "WTF?" Mr. Bourne has basically said, 'Screw other photographers and their opinions don't matter.'

However, we had a nice person also follow up with a comment directed towards Mr. Bourne in response to his true 'trollish' style of a comment as you will see below.

Well said Mr. Lin. Mr. Bourne, you are a very very bad man for name-calling indeed. We should call you Mr. Meanie, per Photogzilla's mother Mrs. Rockstar.

Is this the kind of professional that our industry needs?

Is this the type of photographer other photographer's should look up to?

Is this the type of instructor workshop attendees need teaching when he just took a nude photography workshop himself only in November 2009?

Is this the type of photographer a respectable company like WHCC (White House Custom Color) should be sponsoring and associating their brand with?

Isn't Mr. Scott Bourne the real troll?

Sad Mr. Bourne. Just sad.

Keep stalking Photogzilla Rockstar!
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