Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lessons Scarlett Lillian Never Learned

How many of you have made a mistake and learned from it? Now, how many of you made 2, 3, or 10 mistakes, and still keep repeating it essentially making yourself to look like a buffoon? After someone goes through some revealing and introspective experiences, they begin to act & do things differently. Such as a drug addict that goes through an intervention & treatment. You would think a new path of redemption would begin. Yes, PZN does think of itself as the catalyst for intervention to the illness plaguing the photography industry. Not shy to say it, with all due humbleness and respect.

PZN would like to reintroduce self-promoted 'Don't-Call-Me-A-Rockstar-I'm-Like-Jesus-&-Picasso' wedding photographer Scarlett Lillian by giving our intelligent and business savvy readers an update on Scarlett Lillian. She seems to like getting attention from Mr. Rockstar. Not sure if she has a crush on him, but we would't be surprised. He's freakin' sexy!

Let's start with exhibit A. Mr. Photogzilla Rockstar has suggested many photographers to never use unethical or misleading methods to promote yourself as something you are not. For instance, if you don't know have a solid technical knowledge & history about photography, don't teach a workshop (i.e. Scarlett). If you don't have experience shooting numerous amounts of nude photography for clients, don't teach a workshop on it (i.e. Scott Bourne). And now, if you weren't commissioned to shoot some reality show celebrity Whitney Thompson, don't make your first splash image on your website sound like you were sought out to shoot America's Next Top Model winner, when in fact you PAID her to be at YOUR fraudulent workshop so you could have her on your WORKSHOP DVD that you were more worried about being filmed then your workshop paying attendees, of which majority of the attendees also later complained, saying you were essentially being inept and incompetent to teach (but sweet, thats about it)....and now BREATHE after that run-on sentence. Finally, here's Exhibit A:

Now for Exhibit B. Mr. Photogzilla Rockstar has also advised photographers to NEVER use a workshop photo on your website. Your portfolio is NEVER built at a workshop. You're there to learn. Your experience comes from true events where YOU set up the shot, YOU came up with idea, and you DIDN'T use a MODEL to make your images more attractive. Sure good looking people help, but for goodness sake, be real and honest! Your clients don't need to see your class project photos...They want to see YOUR real work at REAL weddings. Otherwise, you're essentially committing fraud and misrepresenting yourself. Now, Exhibit A also qualifies for this definition, but so does the following Exhibit B, a photo Ms Lillian took of models at a workshop as a student. We believe this to be at Mike Colon's workshop in Hawaii (please don't get Mr. Rockstar started on Destination workshops, that's a different post to come).

Well, boys and girls, what is the lesson from this post? First, Scarlett sweetie, if you're reading this, and Mr. Rockstar knows you and your 'I've-Only-Shot-One-Wedding-Which-Was-A-Relative' fiance Stephen Knuth are, stop misleading your clients with marketing trickery to promote yourself as someone more important to clients & other photographers. Remove these 'unreal' images from your website and post only your real work, even if it's badly composed or badly processed. Be proud of your poop. Own it!

Keep stalking Photogzilla Rockstar!

Like a good photographer should always do when using images for educational or news purposes, copyright for above images belongs to amateur photographer Scarlett Lillian.
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