Monday, April 5, 2010

Wildlife Photographer Reads PR Is For Dummies

Backpedaling is something we at PZN have been seeing ever since Photogzilla Rockstar came on the scene and began exposing silly photographers trying to take advantage of the industry. Of course, they can try to blind others and dilly dally trying to put on their PR hats, but Photogzilla is keeping his monster eye out.

A few hours ago, PZN reported that wildlife photographer Scott Bourne was advertising a workshop to pocket $1500 from each attendee. This workshop was advertised as himself and Bambi Cantrell being the instructors for the course.

Here is the original advertisement (link):
Just a short while ago, as Photogzilla expected, Mr. Bourne felt the need to respond to the PZN report indirectly. Reportedly, he saw the PZN report and spoke to his co-instructor Bambi. After taking off his Panama Jack hat off for a few moments and putting on his Captain PR hat, he decided to 'clarify' on a new blog post that he is merely "helping out" now. Ironically, his post is now titled "Come Learn Fine Art Nude & Boudoir Photography From Bambi Cantrell." It's okay, Photogzilla chuckled too.

As you can clearly see on the original advertisement for the workshop, both photographers are "joining forces" to teach the workshop. Per Mr. Bourne's own words in his damage control posting, if he is only an assistant, PZN suggests Mr. Bourne allow Ms. Cantrell to headline the workshop alone and remove his name entirely from future advertisements. We can't remember the last time an assistant was headlining a workshop, unless the person is one of the actual instructors that specializes in the subject matter. Mr. Bourne needs to make up his mind about what his role is, and more importantly, if he is even fit for the role he is advertising.

We don't want backpedaling. We just want Mr. Bourne and any other photographer out there to consider skills come before marketing. Throwing your name behind a workshop may guarantee to fill seats, however, you are merely using fluff marketing.

Photogzilla commented on this story, "I'm not afraid to admit. I would call myself an 'assistant' too just so I could watch all the beautiful women. But of course, I'm not implying Panama Scott has the same dirty motives as I would. I'm just crazy enough to make that honest admission."

Suggested reading for all photographers out there worried about getting caught with their pants down (available at Amazon):

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