Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pimp The Official Photogzilla Sexy Collection: 100% to Charity, Not Lame Ass 10%

At PZN, we not only employ a great team of illiterate writers & lazy researchers, we are also fortunate enough to have some of the most kick-ass fashion designers & stylists working to dress Photogzilla each day. It's part of the rockstar persona we need to stay on top of. Some call it branding. We call it sexy-hotness-others-can-envy. After all, the chief carries his back-up equipment in Louis Vuitton luggage.

Working through repeated beatings, near fatal injuries, illness, and harsh, but necessary verbal abuse from our sexy chief PZ along the way, our fashion designers have finally released a whole slew of options for your consideration. This all arrives just in time for all those attending WPPI this year in Las Vegas. Oh. What. A. Treat.

Before you begin perusing the gallery and grabbing up every single design, we want to let you know a few things.

There are some other morons out there who are trying to sell T-shirts and then trying to sound as if they are helping charity by donating a percentage of sales. For example, an original on-his-knees-cradle-your-ballz-for-free photographer, is promising to donate 10% of sales to a church. When the shirt costs you $20, that 10% only translates to $2. Sounds very noble at first, but in a cheap sort of way it isn't. What makes no sense, the shirt you're wearing is advertising another photographer. We can't seem to understand the logic as to why any photographer would promote another photographer. Maybe someone can fill us in. After all, we've never seen Photogzilla wear his McDonald's uniform when he would go to his second shift at In-&-Out.

Of course, with the Photozilla Sexy Collection, you won't be advertising another business. You're making a statement. If it isn't obvious, we at PZN like to make a statement and we know all of our loyal readers like to do the same. It's called doing the right thing. After all, we rocked the industry when we rode into town, and now, at WPPI we want everyone man, woman, and child to rock the MGM Grand halls with Photogzilla style.

Most importantly until WPPI, we are offering the Official Photogzilla Sexy T-Shirts with 100% of all profits to a charity. Yes. You read that correctly. 100%. We'd say 100% in other languages to emphasize the point, but unfortunately, we are limited to English. So whatever 'nada' + 100 equals, say it.

Not only do we like to kick the asses of lame photographers, but we like to kick-ass in general in everything we do. Hopefully, we can help raise some money for the less fortunate, and that's quite kick-ass.

We've also done our best to keep costs as low as possible, but if our staff wants a raise for their so-called hard work, maybe we'll just throw them an extra slice of Wonder Bread.

To help you get your rocking new wardrobe in time for WPPI, place your order by Feb 4, 2011 and use the code CUPIDSHIP to get free shipping on orders over $30 bucks. So if you get 2 sexy T-shirts, shipping is paid for (expired code). Go crazy. We've got several designs to choose from, so you'll have plenty of options to ponder over. And don't worry. If you don't order by the 4th, you'll still get your new shirts within 3-5 days of ordering. You'll just miss out on the free shipping.

We wouldn't be satisfied if you aren't. If you have design ideas we should beat our fashion designers with, let us know. We'll see what we can do.

Finally, don't forget to take your new official Photogzilla T-shirts to Vegas and rock it every chance you get. Take photos of you and your friends sporting it at every WPPI class, speech, shootout, workshop, tradeshow, or party. Lastly, make sure you take a picture along with your favorite speakers as you sport your Photogzilla attire. We want to see some memorable moments.

Best part is Photogzilla will be watching. Let's see what happens then...

The Details:
-Total of 4 Designs (for now)
-Color and Black & White options for 3 of the designs
-Most Designs Available on Front or Back of Shirts
-Sizes for Men, Women, & even Women's Slim.
-Short & Full Sleeve Options
-Total of 66 Variations (yeah, we sweat blood for you)

The Official Photogzilla Sexy T-Shirt Store:
Over $30 Gets Free Shipping Coupon (Expires 2/4/11): CUPIDSHIP
Take a peak now. You know you want to.

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