Friday, February 25, 2011

WPPI 2011 Review of Speakers Survey: Keeping Them Honest

The staff at PZN consists of mostly party loving underachievers that can't seem to stay on track when it comes to assignments taking place in the great city of Las Vegas (and we're greatly understaffed btw). However, out of thousands of people that  descended on sin city this past week, we know there are a few photogs out there that actually were coherent enough to not only attend the different speeches & presentations, but managed to remember what was said and by whom. These unsung heroes are the voices we want to hear from.

PZN invites you to submit a review of any speaker that you, the person who paid their hard earned money in hopes of injecting a moment of nirvana in your professional photography career. We are now in the process of collecting as many survey submissions by as many photographers as possible. This data will be compiled and shared with the rest of the world in the next PZN post. Our goal is not only to help other photographers get honest answers to questions everyone asks, but also the speakers/presenters themselves so they understand if they are truly succeeding or failing miserably.

You may take the survey below for as many speakers as you wish. If you would like to email our sexy editor Photogzilla Rockstar your thoughts, you're welcome to submit your write up to photogzilla AT GMAIL.

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Bobbi & Mike, Lindsay Adler, Suzette Allen, Kevin Ames, Jared Bauman, Becker, Jules Bianchi & Joy Bianchi Brown, Clay Blackmore, Gary & Pamela Box, Sue Bryce, Joe Buissink, Jonathan Canlas, Bambi Cantrell, David & Quin Cheung, Sal Cincotta, Bob & Dawn Davis, Jack Davis, Jesh DeRox, Jerry Deck & Sondra Ayers, JP Elario, Nancy Emmerich & Rose Coleman, Kay Eskridge, Rick Ferro, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Beth Forester, Mike Fulton & Cody Clinton, Jim Garner, Jerry Ghionis, Greg Gibson, Michael Gilbert, Doug Gordon, Mitch Graf, Michael Grecco, Michael Greenberg, Jason Groupp, Craig Heidermann, Gene Ho, Bruce & Josh Hudson, Jennifer Hudson, Vincent Isola, Kevin Jairaj & JVS, Andrew Jenkins & Jackie Palmer, Kenny Kim, Julieanne Kost, Kevin Kubota, Jill LaFleur, Tamara Lackey, Mike Larson, Lisa Lefkowitz, Rodney Lough Jr., Justin & Mary Marantz, Cliff Mautner, David McLain, Elizabeth Messina, John Mireles, Dave Montizambert, Patrick & Amina Moreau, Lori Nordstrom, Bryan O'Neil Hughes, Louis Pang, Jessie Pavlics, Sarah Petty, Blair & Suzanne Phillips, Jared Platt, Me Ra Koh, Jamie Schultz, Dawn Shields, Ken Sklute, Brian Smith, Jasmine Star, Susan Stripling, Jeffrey T. Medford & Ross Hockrow, Eddie Tapp, Vicki Taufer, Damon Tucci, Roberto Valenzuela, Anthony Vazquez, Jose Villa, Kirk Voclain, Alan Weiner, Ron Wyatt
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