Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exclusive Interview: Jasmine Star + YWD Magazine Steal Images, Plagiarism, Real Owner Speaks Out

In our ongoing investigation into the "A Girl In A Chair Workshop" money making scheme, organized by Jasmine Star & YWD Magazine, the PZN staff tracked down the original creator of the images that were used to promote the workshop. Our sexy chief Photogzilla interviewed the owner of the editorial images, who we identified in our earlier report as Norma Lopez Molina.

The images used by the organizers mislead people into believing that Jasmine Star either took the photos or would be able to teach how to take similar ones; neither is true. The organizers of the workshop were fully aware of these facts. The organizers even hid their use of Ms. Molina's images from her. People were led to believe they would be learning about editorial photography, similar to the technical style demonstrated in the unauthorized images.

Important Editor's Note: We want to remind our readers that this is a real interview. All questions and answers are real. We just took the liberty of not revealing the real faces and real voices of both Ms. Molina and super-sexy-even-in-a-dress Photogzilla.

So grab your morning coffee or hard drink, sit back, and enjoy. We know Jasmine & YWD will be sitting up straight for this one:

Photography by Norma Lopez Molina.
Photography NOT by Jasmine (Fake Last Name: Star)

Fast Food For Thought
Are you blinded by a popular branded name?
How would you react if it was a name you never heard of?
Does being perky excuse you from being unethical & irresponsible?
What if it was your work used by another photographer giving a workshop?
Do you justify reckless unprofessional behavior for the sake of capitalism/free market?
How furious would you be if your work was used to make thousands of dollars in profit?
Would Jasmine Star let you use a bunch of her images for free to promote your workshop??

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