Monday, February 6, 2012

Photogzilla Found. Living Like A Rockstar. With A Hangover.

We found Photogzilla!

Hello kids. It's been a while. Apparently, he was going for a sexy world record for the longest April Fool's joke. We think it's safe to say he won. Or still. Wait for it. Winning.

If you recall, this was the short message we got from him a while back: "All. Plz forgiv me. Really tired now. I'm sorry. Lost my way. Finished w/all this. Over it. Onto bettr things. Lov u all. See ya."

Do you see it? Come on you smart cookies you. Of course you did. Or did the highlights help?

So damn sexy. 

Our staff went on a cruise around the world as our sexy chief minded his world record. But we're excited to be back. There's nothing quite like ripping new ones for the delusional of the photog world. And watching them tremble in the fetal position.

So you can imagine many of the pretender pop-togs were somewhat relieved to think PZ had left the building. But those morons are the ones that benefit from the above highlighted message more than ever.

We did lose some of our staff writers on our world cruise. Most fell overboard (pushed or just drunk). Others found drug trafficking careers at some of our port stops. So our sexy editor-in-chief Photogzilla is hiring without pay. You're invited to write anything that PZ would want to publish here on the PZN. He's not going to write the damn thing for you. Maybe just edit it. But it make hot. Make it worth his time. 

Of course. Photogzilla will be putting up his own run-away-sentences-with-plenty-of-he-doesn't-give-a-shit-about-grammar posts. So keep your eyes peeled. Goodtimes a'comin. Just not for all. For instance, a self publishing buttress pusher.

Photogzilla and the staff is also packing for WPPI. For some AA meetings. Maybe you'll see us with our official PZ T-shirts.

So email us your juicy news to photogzilla {AT} gmail {DOT} com in the meantime.

Cheers! (Yeah, we picked this up in Quebec)

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